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Professional grade big rig semi truck with chrome accessories transporting frozen cargo in

Motor Transport Mutual Risk Retention Group

“A niche transportation insurance company you can trust”

"MTM RRG understands that your business is as diverse as the cargo you’re contracted to deliver. Connect with us directly or through your agent to find out how we can help you protect your business."
We Offer

Security & Stability

Motor Transport Mutual RRG has purchased an excess Reinsurance Treaty from various Syndicates at Lloyd’s of London which is rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best with Financial Size Category of XV.


From initial underwriting through claims management you will be served by experienced industry experts. MTM RRG utilizes best in class service providers for all its functions. 

Protection for the Road to Success

Whether you are a single vehicle owner-operator or responsible for a fleet of commercial vehicles, as a mutual insurance company we provide the coverages you need at an affordable price and reward sound risk management and a good loss history.

If your business is long haul trucking, MTM RRG can meet your needs. 1 to 10 vehicles receive 48 hour or less turnaround. Larger fleets or accounts are eligible and will be referred to our underwriting team. 

Bright red classic big rig semi truck with high exhaust pipes and chrome accessories trans
Big rig classic American idol black industrial semi truck with chrome grille and commercia


Knowledge That Can Serve Your Needs

Stay on top of the constantly changing commercial auto industry with MTM RRG’s flexible product offerings, services, and industry expertise.

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